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Providing your ultimate sex vacation; the only resort offering a true girlfriend experience !

To have the best Adult Sex Vacation on offer there is no other than Satisfaction Plus Adult Vacations.

At Satisfaction Plus Adult Vacations we offer exactly what we say, total Satisfaction while you enjoy you adult vacation at our all inclusive sex resort in the Dominican Republic.

We give you an all-inclusive package and provide a sexy dominican escort (or more than 1) to give you the sex and attention you want. She will make this the best vacation of your life.

Although it may look like we are a new operation, we are not new to this business by any means. Our resort management has been in this business in Venezuela (2005-2008), Costa Rica and Dominican Republic (2008 until now) initially working for another company.

However we we're absolutely not satisfied with the service offered to the guests and decided to exploit the business for ourselves. We are customer oriented people and want everyone to feel at home in our resort with the total satisfaction that we believe should be offered to our guests.

We do not have call-girls or girls that work in a local brothel as our escorts, our girls live on site 24/7.

We don't put you in a private villa somewhere isolated or in a family resort, we have our private hotel that is exclusively for us.

We don't bring in catered food, we have our own chef that cooks your food to order.

Our resort has a capability of 6 rooms, this gives us the opportunity for world class service. We are very proud that we have a good atmosphere in our hotel and that we have the time for everyone of our clients personally. To us you are a friend that is visiting us and we want you to feel comfortable.

Our girls are a big part of your holiday and the reason why you come to us, but we also want you to be happy and content when you are not in your room. That requires the full attention of the resort staff and that is what we aim to provide.

The best reward we can get is that you are a sad man when you have to leave. That means that youíve had such a good time that you donít want to leave and you have really had the vacation of your life !

Please also take a look at our Forum, there you can find the testimonials of our past guests as well as a wealth of other information about our Resort. On the Chicas page you can see the girls that are currently waiting for you at our resort.

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